Codewiser Infotech

A manifestation of hopes and aspirations

Shop to small factory of compound hing , colour and gulal at hathras by grandfather Sri Kundanlal bhagatji and his son Sri Gopal das ji with combined family


Small factory converted to big factory with some different verities of colour packaging and hing packaging


Sri Shyam behari ji and Mr Ratan behari as New generation entered in company with new and different ideas into innovative packaging styles and goods material changed with hi-level technology and also start import the Hing from Afganistan and other countries.


Mr Manu Garg entered in the company and achieve A new height to Cock brand colour and gulal , Gopal & Baby hing at Hathras units


Mr Shantanu Garg has started Mevabite Dryfruits range with various packaging at Delhi unit.


Mr Kartikey Garg has joined and start Import of Dryfruits and export Colour & Gulal with different ideas to improve the business and also launch a mobile application “Biggest supplier to purchase all items on this application.


Mr Sagar Ratan Garg entered in family business to promote online business and improve the application before 1990, in Color trade, Gulal 50 Kg Bags, Rang 50gm box tin- 1kg, Shyam Behari Agrawal launched launched the pouch packing, Initially for 4-5 years people didn’t accept it refusing that branded packing won’t work in the market, then we started with more packings in multiple weights to cover a larger market, then slowly people started appreciating the pouch making , during these years, Shyam Ji faced a huge market issue as for the risk he took. Even before herbal colors were introduced in the market, we started using non toxic color solution with the mindset of making holi a safe and joyous festival, and the Initiative of herbal gulals was also taken by us in 2010, by doing a lot of R&D on chemicals used and how we would have to make the colours safe to use and cheaper for the public to easily be accessible to them, and also during this time, we started taking Global Approvals of the formulas we’ve used, for selling safe powder in India as well as exports, not any other company even thought of making these changes because these things adds the costs and Holi is a one day festival.



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