COCK BRAND Gulu Gulu | Natural and Herbal Gulal Muliti-color Spray (Pack of 4)

Gulal Color powder spray bottles make great Holi accessories for parties and celebratory gatherings. COCK BRAND’s Gulu Gulu spray bottles would be a fun tool to have while throwing colours at someone at the party. Filled with non-toxic and herbal Gulal colours, they are safer to use on people from any age group. Easy to use, the Gulu Gulu spray bottles can also be gifted to friends for the festivities and can also be used by kids. This is a popular product among corporate and community get-togethers. COCK BRAND - the pioneer of the Colour Industry. COCK BRAND is a flagship brand of RB Group, we are the manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Holi colour, Gulal and products. Our products are 100% safe for kids, teenagers, or aged people, we take care of all the materials while manufacturing and packaging. Also, our products are 100% natural and herbal. #RangSaccheHai

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