COCK BRAND Colour Cloud (Green) (4kg) | 100% Natural and Herbal Gulal | Non-Toxic and Skin Friendly | No Water Needed to Play Holi | Herbal Gulal Spray Extinguisher

  • Included Content:- 1Piece colour cloud (colour cylinder) yellow and 1 piece Nozzle extender
  • Easy to clean and wash, Skin-friendly and completely non-toxic
  • Herbal Gulal Extinguisher yellow (Yellow colour is for happiness, hope and spontaneity)
  • How to Use:- 1. Pull pin, 2. Aim at the sky, 3. Squeeze handle sweep side to side use at once
  • Caution:- 1. For external use only, 2. Non edible and do not swallow, 3. Use in open ground only, 4. Do not use with sensitive skin, 5. Do not throw towards eyes

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